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Conference in Review: How Mayors are Accelerating Minority Business Growth and Economic Equity

Background The 2023 NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange and Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) National Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week, organized collaboratively by NMSDC and the MBDA, was held at the Baltimore Convention Center Oct.22-25. The gathering brought together mayors and high-level federal partners to deliberate on the ramifications of recent…
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Entrepreneurship: A Workforce Development Strategy

Throughout its evolution, the landscape of workforce development has shifted gradually. However, the profound significance of entrepreneurship as a cornerstone strategy remains somewhat underestimated. Despite its transformative potential, entrepreneurship’s pivotal role in sculpting a versatile and resilient workforce has yet to receive widespread recognition within traditional frameworks. In this article,…
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Access to Capital through FinTech

Access to capital is like the heartbeat of small businesses, driving growth and innovation. But here’s where things get interesting: fintech companies have swooped in, like modern-day superheroes, with solutions tailor-made for business owners like you. Picture this: a world where funding isn’t a complex puzzle, but a path paved…
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