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4 Things Small Business Owners Should Consider Doing In 2023

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Welcome, 2023.

Did you go into the fourth quarter of 2022 promising to find new ways to grow your business in 2023? Of course, you did. Everyone does. Then life happened. Thanksgiving popped up, Christmas stole a whole month, you blinked, and now 2023 is here and in full swing. However, you never got around to figuring out how you can grow your business in the new year. That’s ok. It’s only the first quarter, and there is still time to get the year started off right.

Here are four things you can consider doing in 2023 for your business.

Engage Professional Service Providers

One of the challenges you may face as a small business owner is expanding your team to manage the administrative aspects of your business. Outsourcing professional services, such as accounting, marketing, and legal services can be a game-changer for meeting needs. It’s never too early to engage professional service providers. Building out additional capacity early can help you be better prepared for funding or scaling opportunities. Service providers are often well-connected so expanding your network to include them might lead to unexpected connections.

Connect with a Community Of Like-Minded Individuals

It’s easy to believe that the obstacles you face are unique to your journey. Connecting with a community of entrepreneurs at various stages of small business ownership can be extremely valuable. A bonus to building relationships is that as you grow together, you can seize opportunities together. Additionally, having like-minded individuals around you makes for great thought partners when planning business goals.

Review and Update Business Goals

Finding time can be difficult when you’re working in your business. But, making time to review your goals and update them based on changes in the company, the environment or the industry can ensure you are on track to making your vision become reality. Take time to look back by evaluating performance and past revenue to make adjustments for the year to come. Don’t be afraid to be creative in the process. Make a vision board, include your team or involve other trusted advisors to help you make a solid plan.

Discover Trusted Information Resources

You are not required to know everything. And Googling the answers can only take you so far. Finding organizations that exist to provide information, resources and connections can help shorten the distance to gaining knowledge and opportunities.


At BBRC our goal is to provide everything you need to have continued success in your business. If you need a trusted partner for 2023, and beyond, visit our services page and connect with us today for one-on-one counseling, business plan review, workshops, access to capital, and more resources to grow your business.