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Want Your Business to Soar? The BBRC is Prepared to Help You

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Successful businesses must be built on three foundations to soar to the next level: Access to capital, the ability to identify market opportunities to acquire customers, and the ability to build sufficient business capacity. Businesses that share these common traits gain advantages against competitors who do not have proper infrastructure in place. These characteristics, when executed properly, result in a healthy business that is ready to compete and win in the marketplace.

The Birmingham Business Resource Center (BBRC) was created to assist minority, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses become strong and prosperous by providing expertise and guidance in these areas:

The BBRC will help small businesses become healthy by facilitating introductions to capital providers.

In many cases, an entrepreneur’s ability to access capital can be the difference between succeeding and failing. Access to financial assistance can fuel growth or sustain the business during difficult economic times. The BBRC is committed to assisting entrepreneurs in their pursuit of capital because we want all businesses to succeed. The BBRC maintains strong relationships with capital providers and will facilitate introductions that can catapult a business to the next level.

The BBRC will help small businesses become healthy by identifying market opportunities to gain customers.

When the BBRC begins a relationship with an entrepreneur, one of the first questions we ask is, “What is your target market and who is your ideal customer?” A small business owner must be specific when answering these questions because it allows us to analyze their needs and create a customized strategy to acquire future customers.

The BBRC will help small businesses become healthy by assisting in building capacity.

“Building capacity” means the process to by which an individual or business obtains, improves or retains the skills, knowledge, equipment and other resources necessary to do their jobs successfully. For a small business owner to build capacity, he/she must have a foundation to build upon. The entrepreneur must:

  • Maintain accurate financial records
  • Produce similar or better margins than competitors
  • Be committed to utilizing technology where appropriate to enhance the customer experience and/or to reduce costs.

The BBRC provides one-on-one coaching and counseling that will produce a customized plan to enhance their ability to build capacity and will provide business experts capable of assisting entrepreneurs in areas that need to be strengthened.

Once entrepreneur owners implement a comprehensive strategy critical for developing healthy businesses, they are putting themselves into a position to compete at a high level in the marketplace. The BBRC wants your business to be healthy. Contact us to schedule a one-on-one session or schedule to attend one of our webinars. Our staff of consultants can be reached at 205-250-6380 or via e-mail at