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Jeremy Ervin

Small Business Heroes

2021 Awardee

The 2021 Small Business Heroes consisted of seven business owners recognized for their positive impact on both the economy and the community.

Jeremy Ervin

“Jeremy is a hero because he has single-handedly helped so many people achieve their goals by helping them to pursue their purpose. His company’s mission is Connecting People to Purpose. He spends countless hours speaking with small business owners (boutique owners, politicians, churches, etc.) about what they can do to increase their growth potential month over month by discussing strategic goals to help them. He currently serves on two boards that promote unity in the community. The District Atty.’s LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN advises young men on being productive citizens to society, addressing the prison-to-pipeline epidemic. He also serves on the board with W.A.R. (We Are Related), which is a nonprofit that addresses the onset of violence that keeps happening in Bham. Jeremy, through his company, was instrumental in helping to elect Bham’s first African DA, which was a huge win for the African American community because now AA kids have representation, showing that the impossible can be possible.”  – Nominated by Astria Marbury

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