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Dee Edwards

Small Business Heroes

2021 Awardee

The 2021 Small Business Heroes consisted of seven business owners recognized for their positive impact on both the economy and the community.

Dee Edwards

“I believe that Dee Edwards should be recognized as a small business hero because during the pandemic she used her own platform and raised over $20,000 to give to small business owners who were suffering all over the world.  She didn’t ask large corporations; she used her voice as an opportunity to serve her community.  In addition, she and her husband Michael helped individuals who lost personal property during the tornado in the Center Point and Fultondale area.  They were able to provide a variety of clothing, household goods, appliances, electronics, and other brand new products from their partnership with Walmart and their non-profit Joseph’s Closet.  This is only a small portion of the seeds she continually sows into the lives of others.”  – Nominated by Jacquella Moore

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