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CKG Consulting LLC

Renasant Roots

2021 Cohort

The 2021 Atlanta Renasant Roots cohort consisted of nine businesses based in Atlanta, GA.

CKG Consulting LLC

Established in 2018, CKG Consulting, LLC provides staffing with long and short term consultants, specializing in project management. With over 30 years combined experience, the owners worked together for a Human Capital Management (HCM) leader in Atlanta, Georgia before becoming business partners. Both Kim and Christie have consulted professionally for several of the top Fortune 100 companies in Atlanta Georgia.


CKG Consulting will provide consultants that have been assessed for job related and ‘soft skills’ to ensure a match for the clients’ unique work culture. With the goal of exceeding the clients’ expectation every time, CKG Consulting looks forward to partnering with you!

  • Cynthia Kim Gilbert/Christie Cheeks
  • Consulting
  • Atlanta, GA