“Marketing Your Small Business”

More than 35 business owners attended the Birmingham Business Resource Center’s “Marketing Your Small Business” in April at Innovation Depot, where skilled, communication experts discussed how entrepreneurs can get the media to take notice of their business for a story. Chanda Temple of The Birmingham News, Ty West of the Birmingham Business Journal and Malena Cunningham of Strategic Media Relations Inc. gave powerful tips on branding, public relations and more.

”It is my hope that our information will help the small business owner think outside the box when it comes to getting the media to notice them. It’s not hard. One just has to think of ways to promote their business and highlight what they do,” said Temple.  ”No longer can you send a reporter a press release and pray they take notice. You have to be creative and show reporters, bloggers and editors why your story matters.” ”There’s an art to dealing with the media and we wanted to show attendees how to do it,” Temple said.

The three talked about everything from how to dress for a television interview, how to submit press releases, how to use social media in company promotions and how to pitch story ideas. Several people said the information showed them how to improve their company’s public relations and marketing strategies.

”Knowing how to spread the word about your company is vital, which is why the BBRC and the Small Business Administration wanted to offer this session,” said Bob Dickerson, BBRC Executive Director. Both organizations look forward to offering similar sessions in the future.


News from the BBRC

The Birmingham Business Resource Center (BBRC) has been involved in putting on a series of workshops and seminars since the beginning of 2012.  Dr. Mel Gravely’s “Getting to the Next Level”, presented to a group of business people,kicked off the year and was followed by the 8th Annual A.G. Gaston Conference which featured Atlanta motivational speaker Dr. Dennis Kimbro. The BBRC “Listening to Your Business” seminar was conducted for a group of veterans who are also business owners and who were selected by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to participate in the Entrepreneurial Business Academy. The BBRC’s “How to Get Financing for Your Small Business” seminars have also succeeded in drawing business owners who are curious about growing their businesses, strategic planning and understanding financial statements, taxes and accounting.

The BBRC appreciates the speakers who have lent their time and efforts to making sure that these seminars are interesting and informative.  Special thanks go to Brandon Pettagrue and Joseph Dees of Regions Bank, Devon Laney of Innovation Depot and Keith Barfield of Barfield, Murphy, Shank and Smith, P.C. for coming and sharing with members of the audience.  Based on the remarks made by the attendees, these types of gathering have proven to be more valuable and beneficial because they are informal, lead by experts and allow business owners to share and ask questions.

Dr. Mel Gravely Dennis Kimbro  Brandon Pettagrue  Devan Laney

Dr. Mel Gravely     Dr. Dennis Kimbro  Brandon Pettagrue    Devon Laney